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No Where To Belong

By: shatteredsoul on Mar 30,2019 ||

I feel like I don’t belong any where in the site world any more. The plan was to move away from the stress hence why I’ve been changing site hosts in hopes people wouldn’t hurt me emotionally again. I left the message to the admin at Ice Glow explaining the situation and that she wouldn’t get mad since that’s where the stress started from with the viewers hurting me.

I found another site host called “Free Fansite Hosting” they had good service but annoying with the ads that I couldn’t stand so I left without letting one of the admins know. The plan was to use x10hosting but I wanted to try someone different instead of that. Everything was fine and dandy until two days ago my site at the third host completely stopped working. I left messages if they could fix it and no one haven’t bothered to reply back none at all. All of my files are there and I don’t wanna start over with everything. I cried last night because my site is that important to me it’s like a second home and now it’s all ruined.

Between here and X10hosting they’re all I have left if the third host doesn’t fix my site. I’m not happy and I don’t think I’ll ever be happy again any time soon. I’m go sulk…bye!

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