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Whatever Comes to Mind

Posted on 07-26-17

Icon via Yinghua
Hi ❤ I'm still feeling the same as before and nothing around isn't making me feel any much happiness like for example gifts when this girl gets them all the time. I even tried asking for help and they rejected me both but I guess I'll try practice making them on my own for whenever I have any more motivation to make an attempt at it. It's just more prettier when everyone else makes them never me. This current header was sort of made on a whim last night and I got bored but my idol sort of helped since the one I had showed a bottom deco and I went with her opinion to leave the bottom deco out and I'm happy she let me know what she thought of it. 

Nekoushimi kept me company. I'm glad I met her at Deviantart. She's fun to talk to even though we didn't talk about much just that we have about the same interests. She's into supernatural anime and stories like me which it cool. It's very rare people ever have the same interests as well and when we started talking I felt excited and a little giddy at that moment. Another girl from dA chatted a bit with me too. I dunno what kinds of interests and hobbies she's into but maybe someday I'll ask her about it. 

I tinkered with the site since I do that sometimes and I got annoyed that people aren't leaving any cbox comments all that much any more so I removed that off the site for good. What's the point of using it for then? Some of those popular sites are always getting comments in theirs probably like 24/7 and I rarely get any probably at least like once a month or something like that I guess. I dunno why the Fusionnews comments section isn't working for anyone else since it works perfectly fine for me when I left test comments. I'll eventually fix it if there's even a way. My contact form is 0% use guess people are scared to give out their emails lol that's funny. I removed my top links and placed them all on the sidebar so it's all there for if or whenever people look through those. I finished watching Rosario Vampire. I enjoyed that anime but not many episodes though. Since there's not much else to talk about I'm gonna go for now. If I think of anything else to talk about I'll let you know. I need topic ideas please any help at all in that area. 


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I Just Wanna Fit In

Posted on 07-24-17

Icon via Yinghua
Hi ❤ I didn't have a good weekend just been sulky and moody the whole time because of people around dA and social media weren't acceptive of me being around them anymore. They were having fun in their conversations and status comments. When I left a comment to one status some girl laughed at what I said with the emoji. She's always getting gifts from everyone else and I rarely get gifts not even online. She was crap towards this girl I know when she and three others kept blaming the girl for stealing layout coding from someone else. The girl apologized when I read those comments. I never heard of the girl as if she came out of no where. I've never seen nor heard of her before with the chick's name starting with the letter S. She doesn't appreciate the gifts I gave her neither. I think she pretends to like them like everyone else when I made those preppy practice headers. I just wanna fit in like everyone else 😞 Is that too much to ask?

The cbox is always open for comments but lately I rarely get any comments in there any more and two of my blogger affiliates never asks how I'm doing any more it's always me having to ask them first. This is why I hate using the cbox cause there's never enough comments to fill it up. I don't care if the comments are long I just don't like my cbox empty 😞 I've been watching Rosario + Vampire 😁 It's a good anime so far and I'm enjoying it. I'm lousy with summaries so you'll have to watch it yourself to see what it's about. I wanted to watch Hyperdimension Neptunia but there wasn't a good English dubbed episode of it on YouTube.  I'll try searching for it else where. I've been reading some good stories on Wattpad but it stinks having to wait for the next chapter update to come when some of the stories aren't all 100% completed. I had a story site going but scared what others would think of it so I trashed the site. I've always wanted to show you guys my stories but scared you'll think eww at it or some other negative things about my stories since people did that alot in the past 😢 I'm go sulk for a while and I switched back using Fusionnews in case you're wondering why it looks different again. Bye for now until next post.

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